I found the site with a search when I was feeling nostalgic.

Maidie Cohen

Very interesting....

Alan Hoffberg (from Broadview, Illinois) came to camp in 1958 as a
multifacited counselor .... archery, gun range, ham radio, and the list
went on..

Janet Glunts (from Merrick, NY) was there as a senior camper.

Dora once said to me, "You two will get married to each other, you

Eight years later, we did. There's many memories we can share from that
era ... but unfortunately no pictures. A few of the memories follow.

Janet's next door neighbor, Steve Elan, was one of my campers in
Overlook 2.

One day, the bunk wanted to have a water fight. Okay ... here's the
1) no clothes;
2) all water to be thrown from outside the bunk and away from the
cabin; and
3) it was a safe zone at the cabin entrances so one could come in and
get reinforcements (more water) ....

Well the bunk had a riot, laughing, screaming, a lot of good CLEAN fun,
and no water in the bunk. Charlie later came by to find out what all the
commotion was about (which could be heard all over camp). He didn't say
much ... but the idea certainly was original at the time.

Sometimes during my time off during rest hour, I worked out down at the
archery range. I was able to hit the target from about 200 feet which
was the limit of the strongest bow -- which required almost a 30 degree
shot into the air. I eventually figured out how to score a bull's eye
almost every shot ... or miss it by an inch. Too bad there were no

I remember working with one of the camping specialists to put on the
evening camp fire: practicing indian dances, including a fighting scene
suggestive of what we see on TV wrestling today. The camp dinner that
night featured outdoor cooking, including fresh corn (which we obtained
during the previous night's raiding party in a nearby farm's corn

Sorry we couldn't make the reunion ... as we were just getting settled
into our new home in the central Florida area. We visted Charlie and
Ethel in Jupiter for lunch last year, and hope to see them again this
fall at the wedding of one of our kids.


Alan Hoffberg & Janet Glunts Hoffberg

OK, when you get to be my age you begin to forget...ignore the first

I "THINK" my staffing dates were;

Counselor (69), Nature Specialist (70-71?), Boys Unit Head (71-72 &
78?) AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH....ask Charley & Ethel....
by the way, does old Rambler still run the hills????????????????

Robert Nystrom

I have been spending so much time answering E-mail and communicating,
it's just unbelievable how the site has brought this all about. Got an
E-mail from Sandy Rose. Thought is was Robin or Eileen getting even for
my BB postings, but it turns out it really was Sandy. Unreal. How are
you doing, aside from slaving to the site? I like the improvements by
the way. I need a raise in view of the amount of time this is beginning
to assume. But it is fun, friends and healthy living.


Oh Heavens! I can't really believe we ever all looked like that in 1962,
and I can't believe that you found that picture, put it up on the web, and
in addition, actually reprinted the last will and testatment of the Cabin
10 Nebbishes!

Robin Stieber Hlavacek

Hope you're having a good rest hour.

General swim will be after tennis with Bob.

Marty Katz


Unfortunately, I am a little bit older than you. I went to Camp Mar-lin from
1950-1959. My maiden name was Marilyn Kravitz. You might have know my
brother, Vic Kravitz. He stayed on after me.
I also have three kids that went to Mar-lin but their years were 1973-1977 (I
think). Their last name is Horvitz (Ira, Lori & Jamie).
We all agree-----it was the best time of our lives.
Here is a cute story for you: I live down in S. FL. Last year, I was down
at the Coconut Grove Art Festival and saw a woman who looked familar to me.
I eventually went up to her and said something. We started talking, got
down to our maiden names and let out the biggest scream ever. We were
campers together at Camp Mar-lin when we were 13, 14, and 15 years
old----------that was 40 years ago. She also lives down here now and we have
renewed our friendship. Great world, isn't it?
Hopefully, your wonderful website will help us find more of our old
I did try to get on the chat line Sunday night, but couldn't get online.
Please keep in touch. Let me know if you knew Vic.


Marilyn Kravitz Slovitt

Please put my name on the list. Camper: 1949, 1950, 1951; counselor,
1958, 1959.

You've created a magical campsite there. It's really extraordinary.

Maidie Cohen

Subject: Sunday Night Chat at The Canteen

i'll be there. wouldn't miss it for the world..canceled my vacation tickets
just to be there.. locked the wife and kids in the closet just to be there...
life couldn't go on if i wasn't there.. just hope i can find the place...
hope i got 15 cents... hope i get what i order.. i hate substitutes...hope my
spelling improves before tonight... hope i don't wet the bed again.. hope i
don't have to swim `1st period...hope my mother and father come up on
visiting day.. see you then ...

Larry Phillips



Bruce Newman told me about the web site. A wonderful job. It's great to
know that Camp Mar-Lin still survives 48 years later.

I'll keep surfing and keep in touch. Thanks.


David Penzell

Because of the web site I've heard from three old friends. Two I
hadn't heard from since the reunion a couple of years ago. The other I
hadn't heard from since camp days. Thanks for setting it up.

Carole Schaffer

Subject: Could It Be Real?

Hi Ya'll, Bruce Newman here in Memphis, TN. Camp Mar-lin 1967-1975, my
brother David 1967-1972. I Started in OL-1A. Myself and Dave Penzell did the 1992 smaller reunion in NYC at Radishes. Larry Phillips, you dawg, you were my waiter or busboy when I was 8 years old, but Mark (Monk) Berenson kicked your
ass stacking juice cups, so nah nah. Chucky Weiner, in the Wizard of Oz as the
cowardly lion? Somebody please write and connect me to a time when the world
was simpler and Friendly's was for those who won inspection.

Bruce Newman

To whomever set up the Camp Mar-Lin Web Page:

What a hoot!!! We loved it. Bruce Newman called us and let us know it was
there. This deserves a larger audience.

Barry and Barbara Tannenbaum Weinbaum

Its amazing how small the world is sometimes. I recently began an executive M.B.A. program, in which we work in groups. Doing a group paper, I came across an article written by one of my old bunkmates, Jeremy Sugarman, who is now a doctor at Duke. Then, I was talking to one of my group members who mentioned his friend, Larry Kronick, which is the name of another one of my bunkmates. Well, he called him and it turned out to be him.

If any of my old campmates catch this story, please e-mail me.

Mark Bromson

Carl is just as I remember his face. I remember Bonnie too, and she did
have a brother. Good memory. Did you tell Carl his pix is on the site?


Camp Mar-Lin alumni interested in contacting either or both Carl
Schulkin and Bonnie Blitz Schulkin can e-mail us at schulkin@gvi.net
I would certainly enjoy hearing individually from anyone who cares to
remember Bonnie or me.

My wife, who is something of a technophobe, asked me to check the site to see if her friend Chazz Schoenfeld was listed. When I dialed in and showed her the picture of the entire bunk from the summer of 1963, she flipped.

Carl was a camper and a waiter from 1955 through 1959 and a counselor in
1963. Bonnie was a counselor in 1962 and 1963. Carl and Bonnie met at
Camp Mar-Lin and married in June 1965. They now have two grown children
and are living in a suburb of Kansas City.

Carl and Bonnie Blitz Schulkin