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This is the Old Camp Registry.  Listed you will find the name and e-mail address and the answers to the following questions:

1.   What bunks were you in?

2.   What was your staff position?

3.   Do you have any good memories.

4.   What do you request from the canteen?

5.   What years did you attend camp?

6.   What is your occupation?

00097,Ken Areskog,,,,,,,,,,"The greatest years of my youth.  I was able to hang out with my favorite person growing up, Victor Kravitz.  Charlie and Ethel thank you.  ",Everyones,,Driving in the old trucks picking up deliveries with Vic and Dave.  Eating breakfast with my Dad in the kitchen after my Dad read the sports scores.  Watching the candles go down the river.  Hanging with the counselors and Charlie and Ethel in the mess hall after everyone went to bed.,,,,,From my birth in 1951-59,,,,Construction Consultant,,,

00096,Dr. Ronnie Spilton,,,,,,,,,,the fondest of memories - wonderful people,,counselor,Olympic Team captain of France,,,,,"1965, 1966",,,,retired educator/administrator,,,

00091,Phyllis Krasow ,,,,,,,,,,,,,EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM :),COKE AND POTATO CHIIPS !!!,,,,1954    thru   1959,,,,,,,

00102,Amy Trabitz Charness,,,,,,,,,,Would love to hear from friends from the past!  ,"Cabins 6,7?  Don't really remember...",,"Many of them...candlelight ceremonies, Visiting Day, sailing and waterskiing, playing jacks with tennis balls and pebbles on the basketball court, playing ",Mail!!!!  Rootbeer popsicles.  Stamps.,,,,69-72,,,,Clinical Psychologist,,,

00101,SUELEE NELSON                                         ,,,,,,,,,,,"Was a counselor during the 1950's,cabins 10 & 1 younger girlsWas head counselor in the 60's Was canteen lady in the 70's ",Was a counselor in Cabin 10 & 1  younger girls 1951-55Was head counselor 1961- 1967Came back in 1972-1976,all good memories......,,,,,"1951-55, 1960 -67, 1972-1976",,,,RETIRED EDUCATOR,,,

00100,shari robbins forman,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1964-1970,,,,speech language pathologist,,,

00099,Amy Janoff,,,,,,,,,,see Michael's (I wrote them anyway),oldest girls,counselor,"friendly's, sing, Auntie Mame (those girl's were great!), olympics (even tho we came in last), watching our ",lots of sweets,,,,"'74, '75",,,,Learning Consultant,,,

00098,Michael Karp,,,,,,,,,,"I married the senior girls' counselor nearly 25 years ago (Amy) , and sent our 3 kiddies(all grown up now) to camp airy and kinderring.  Sorry to say that neither camp held a candle to mar-lin.  Even tho we were never  campers, our mar-lin memories will s",Counselor-oldest boys (73) and waiters (74-75),see above,"two olympic championships, and meeting my future bride (not necessarily in that order, of course)note to jay eisenberg-we didn't lose the canoe-we knew exactly where we left it-wrapped around a piling)",a ring in the cracker-jack box,,,,"73,74,75",,,,president-schmattah business,,,

00095,Lillian Sorokin,,,,,,,,,,Hi everyone! ,"cabin 5, cabin 7, cabin 8, cabin 10, and the porch of cabin 10",Camper and CIT,"Water skiing, Friday night socials, James Bond movies, climbing the hills, and hiking to Newgate prison",,,,,1965-1970,,,,Physical Theripist,,,

00094,Mike Hunt,,,,,,,,,,wonderful place to expand your horizons,"Cabin 1-10, and the infirmary",on the receiving end,treasure hunt.  scavenger hunt.  gold hunt.  flag hunt.,cherry pie.  eskimo pie.  6-12.  odor-eaters,,,,1960-1967,,,,Gynecologist,,,

00093,Hugh Jass,,,,,,,,,,"Loved those camp days, especially the food.  Where are all my old little buddies?","Most of them.  When I sat aroumd Blockhouse, I SAT AROUND BLOCKHOUSE. ","Leaning on it, trying to catch my breath.","The night at summer stock when I stood up and blocked Cabins 6, 7 and 8 from seeing the stage.  Also, when Aunt Ethel mistook me for Wood Glen.","Charleston Chews, Zero Bars, Cherry Pie, Spaghetti and meat sauce, and the girl who worked it.",,,,1970-1976,,,,aerobics instructor,,,

00092,carol goodman (gus),,,,,,,,,,,variety,cit; junior counselor and counselor,lots,frozen charleston chew,,,,1960-1966; 1969; 1973,,,,massage therapist,,,

00088,sherel factor,,,,,,,,,,Can't wait till the next reunion ,Ask Kathy - can't remember,just a camper,All of them - best of all IRA!!! - and my leading role in the Ugly Duckling (and Kathy cuzz she's sitting right here),Orange Fanta and frozen charleston chew ,,,,1964-1969,,,,realtor/singer,,,

00087,Michael J. Isko,,,,,,,,,,Last time I got to sing on stage before my voice changed!  Encouraged to turn to the legitimate theater after puberty.,OL6 and woodglen,"Waiter, and Waiter AC","Olympics, playing third base and being great for one day.","Kit Kat Bars, grape soda and cigarettes.",,,,74-77,,,,Attorney,,,




00090,Adrienne Radding Michels,,,,,,,,,,Wish I had known about the reunion!,Who remembers,Counselor 1967,Raids; midnight meetings in the woods; great friends,,,,,1963-?,,,,Director Hillel Foundation,,,

00089,Neal H. Greenberg,,,,,,,,,,fresh from the '99 reunion!,"1b,2a,2b,3,4,blockhouse & woodglen",waiter aide,"many, however brain inactivity has dimmed them.",frozen charleston chew,,,,1959-69,,,,,,,

00086,ken gruskin,,,,,,,,,,It was great.,,,lots. . .ask Bruce Newman about the ,frozen M&M's and an orange fanta soda,,,,1967-1975,,,,architect,,,

00085,Jim Shorts,,,,,,,,,,I am hoping to make the reunion.  I've missed you guys and can't wait to see my so many of my old friends. We all showed a lot of heart.,It's been a long time but Overlook 3 rings a bell. ,I was a camper.  But my staff was at 12 o'clock in the morning and during the infamous socials on Friday night.,Oh yes.  That some special years. CML was a great organization producing some real super-stars.  ,Anyhting frozen.,,,,1964-1966,,,,T.V. Sportscaster,,,

00084,Sandy Silver,,,,,,,,,,A wonderful time in my life,Woodglen ,Waterfront Staff,"Too many. But Friday nites and waterskiing,Baseball and Basketball games. The boathouse",,,,,1956-1964,,,,"Marketing, International",,,

00083,Mikey Music,,,,,,,,,,"We did some of the best shows ever, considering that no one could sing or dance.",Any boys bunk with room.,Horizontal,Wearing glittery costumes with lots of sequins and feathers.  Showing Don Sheafitz how to dance.Planning ,"Large, thick Tootsie Rolls.  Coke (only from the bottle.  Roll-your-own cigarettes, just like the cute kitchen staff.",,,,the cool ones,,,,groupie,,,

00082,Jay Eisenberg,,,,,,,,,,The most wonderful summers of my life.  I hope my kids' summers in camp will be as good as mine were at Mar-Lin.,I can't remember which ones,Waiter for 2 years,Where should I begin - we'll talk at camp.,Just to have a good time and enjoy the week-end.,,,,"70,71,72,73,74...",,,,Real Estate Inv./Dev. & Mgmt.,,,

00080,Sloopy ,,,,,,,,,,"After I left camp, I was the horse in the Godfather. Guess what happened to me.","Buggy Man Shack, near the stables.","Camp stud, not to be confused with Larry Phillips.",Taking a dump near the camp entrance.,Sugar and Oats.,,,,1967-1971,,,,Having little kokers ride my back,,,

00079,Tanya ,,,,,,,,,,Now that was some spicy meatball!,"I'm proud to say, through my grinders I was in every bunk at some time.",Official late night snack provider to the fine staff of Camp Mar-Lin,"Thanks to all those dollars coming in from camp staff, I retired to my 15 acre villa in Italy complete with staff. But you know late at night I still go down to the kitchen and I makea a spicy meatball and laugh and laugh.  Manga. ","No late night hours,hey it's competition.",,,,"Was never there,only in spiri",,,,Grinder/Pizza Maker,,,

00078,Sharon Nature,,,,,,,,,,"Hi, I am Sharon Nature.  I love to drive little boys crazy. Why?Because I have huge cleavage, that's why.  (Not to be confusedwith Bonnie Boats) ","I was the first and last nature counselor, and boy, do I love things having to do with nature.  I never slept in a bunk, always among the pine needles near the boathouse. ",Full Staff,"Yes, wearing a tiny bikini top while teaching 12 year old boys about nature",Frozen Nighties,,,,"Only 1, but it was a good one",,,,Driving Little Boys Crazy,,,

00077,Marjorie Ravitz,,,,,DOCTRESS3@AOL.COM,,,,,They were the best summers of my life!!!,"Cabin7,8,10 and 2","Camper... I always wanted to come back as a counselor, but never had the opportunity","Too many to mention, but looking forward to the reunion in June to try to recapture them.",Red Cream Soda!!!,,,,"1972,73,74,75",,,,Podiatrist,,,

00076,Piccolo ,,,,,Piccolo's@meatball. NET,,,,,"Extra mayo, really greasy, Nothing like a smelly feces.","All bunks, I assume.",You got money? Are you staff? I will sell you a grinder.,Making phoney phone calls to Tanya's.,I compete with the canteen.,,,,All Years.,,,,Submarine maker.,,,

00075,Joe Sandpit,,,,,Eat@Joe',,,,,Got an old crane? Bring it to Joe's.  Got some old rifle shells?Bring it to Joe's.   ,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,,,,Adjacent during 1948-1976,,,,Land Baron Near Blockhouse,,,

00068,Sabra,,,,,,,,,,No comments - Just remember that sometimes in life the bark is worst than the bite.,Mostly hung around the office.,Official mascot - mans best friend.,There was this poodle - but hey that's another story.,Milk bones and Frozen Charleston Chews,,,,49 Years - 7 in Dog Years,,,,Barker,,,

00074,Jose & Ray,,,,,,,,,,"Is that a clean pot, or are you just happy to see me?","Kitchen, or the boys campus.","Upright, sometimes. ",Doing it in the freezer.,"Kitchen grease, or something slippery like that.",,,,"meera, quatro y seis",,,,Hispanic Kitchen Kibbitzers,,,

00073,Herbie,,,,,,,,,,Gimme a monkey dish,Beautiful kitchen quarters,I had every staff infection known to man,Watching a camper dump mayonnaise into a small monkey dish,"Monkey Dishes, preferably green",,,,,,,,Cleaning Monkey Dishes,,,

00072,Mario,,,,,,,,,,"Ahlo, its me, Mario ",right at the foot of heart attack hill.,Cutting tall grass,French kissing Bill Preuss I behind the canteen.,sharp blades,,,,2000 years,,,,Rides big tractor,,,

00071,Bill Preuss,,,,,,,,,,"Kind of a blur - My memory is a bit foggy on my time at camp.

But golly, what I do remember it was great","In all of them - looking for spare change, after shave, whatever",Head dishwasher and Assistant to the Executive Chef ,"Kind of fuzzy. Remember some great times with sterno, plum pits, money dishes and other stuff",Lots of after shave. 


00070,Skip Rackmill,,,,,,,,,,,WoodGlen,CIT,Nancy Rosenbaum,,,,,l966,,,,"teacher, martial art school owner",,,

00067,Simmie Glantz,,,,,,,,,,,,Arts & Crafts Director 1957 - 58 and later Charlie's Assistant

My wife worked the canteen in 1960,Many,,,,,1957-1961,,,,Retired,,,

00066,david b. newman,,,,,,,,,,,"overlook 3,4 blockhouse, waiter, head waiter",,,,,,,1965-1971,,,,attorney,,,

00069,Alan Hoffberg,,,,,,,,,,"That's where my future wife-to-be and I met for the first time. I didn't know it, but Dora did!In my spare time, I pilot medical and compassion missions for Angel Flight Southeast,docent for the Central Florida Zoo with Janet, my wife, docent for the Orla",Overlook?  The one which was U shaped with the johns in the middle.,"Counselor, archery, riflery, ham radio ... and whatever else had to get done.Barry Glunts, now a great brother-in-law, was a waiter that year.","I really enjoyed the people ... campers, too! Too bad I didn't appreciate them until later in life.",,,,,1958,,,,"Semi-retired Systems Consultant, CPA",,,

00065,Jamie Horvitz,,,,,,,,,,Youngest camper in 1975  :-),,Camper only :-),I was Uncle Charlie in 1975 for Topsie Turvey Day,Charleston Chew ,,,,'75 through '77,,,,Police Officer (Narcotics Detective),,,

00064,Jeff Winik,,,,,,,,,,"My ten year old daughter will be going to sleep away camp for the first time this summer (Camp Romaca in Hinsdale, MA). I found myself searching for a camp that felt like Mar-lin (even 33 years later)","Overlook 2A, 3, 4, Blockhouse, Woodglen ",I was a waiter for two years ('65 and '66)and a counselor for one year (either '68 or '69),camp-wide capture the flag games; the many guests at Blockhouse; Cleveland Dolly with his meat cleave at the ready when a waiter tried to cut in line; tennis lessons with Bob Stewart; etc.  ,I remember we could spend only 15 cents,,,,app. 1959 - 1966,,,,Massachusetts Trial Ct Judge,,,

00063,Steve Halegua,,,,,,,,,,,,"waiter, cit, camper",,,,,,1968-69,,,,Chiropractor,,,

00046,Ira Titunik,,,,,,,,,,Great Summers! Hope everyone is well - looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion.,Woodglen 2,Waterfront Director,All!  Ethel and Charlie - you had a great camp!,,,,,1962-1968,,,,Dentist,,,

00062,Margie Rosenbaum Kasimer,,,,,,,,,,I just found out about this site - anyone remember me from the 60's?,,,,,,,,1961-65,,,,musician,,,

00061,Harriet Neidorff Lutz,,,,,,,,,,"Like others, found my photo browsing for a cousin.  All day I've felt like I'm watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan!",3 and 9 for sure....,"Camper, non-athletic","A kazillion of them.  Especially the summer we were Bwana and the Bushmen!  As a mother, I can testify:  they don't make teenage boys like they used to at Marlin!",3 Musketeers!,,,,64-67?,,,,Bookkeeper,,,

00060,Naomi Lee Bloom,,,,,,,,,,Our Caliber 40 ocean-going sloop is named Mar-Lin Nights -- that says it all.,"I started at the bottom of the hill and worked my way up before going downhill once more to Senior Cottage.  Ethel Lebenkoff (I wonder where she is now) and Linda Browdy were my bunkmates, among others.",There's no way Charlie would have let me be in charge!,"All good memories.  I discovered my dramatic talents (thank you Ethel), my leadership ability (leading raids on Block House), and my horror of housework (Mar-Lin johns did it!).  ",,,,,52 through 59,,,,Management Consultant,,,

00059,Lisa D. Nelson,,,,,NelsonLD@Worldnet.Att.Net,,,,,,,,moose - the great mud fight after the Olympics,sugar daddies,,,,1963-1967 - 1972-73,,,,Production Manager (Textiles),,,

00058,Sue Lee Nelson,,,,,,,,,,,,Counselor - Head Counselor of Girls - Canteen

and anything else Charlie wanted,All memories were good -

camp fires ---- wishes do come true,,,,,1951-  forever,,,,RETIRED EDUCATOR,,,



00056,Hope Winograd,,,,,,,,,,"This has been a fun site, to sit and go thru memory lane, especially to see that familiar names and get answers to whatever happened to so and so?","Cabin 2, 3, 9(way up the hill), 10?  I really need to dig out the yearbooks",CIT was as close as I got. ,"Lots of fun times, horseback riding in the sand dunes, waterskiing, socials and dancing to ","A Frozen Zero bar and mail, please let someone have sent me mail!",,,,1970-76 (not72),,,,Veterinarian,,,

00055,Norman Graham,,,,,,,,,,Best time of my life,"OL3,3,Blockhouse,WoodglenI","Waiter,Counselor OL4","Ride back from Tanglewood, Olympics, Flagrush, Socials, 

Nancy Pindus, Sandy Rose, Chazz screaming at us, many others

",Frozen Charleston Chew,,,,"1962-65,70",,,,Stockbroker,,,

00054,Norman Landerman,,,,,,,,,,,"1B,2A,2B,3,4,Blockhouse,Waiters' Cabin","Graduating from my longtime status as a problematic camper, I was thrown in with the waiters to define what became Super Senior.","Raids, Olympics, Capture the flag, movies on the tennis courts, jumping off the old damn, counselors who cared.",,,,,1959-1965,,,,Own Computer Networking Company,,,

00053,barry glunts,,,,,,,,,,anybody out there yhat I know?  ,cant remember-the one way at the top -past the girls cabins,waiter,,,,,,1950's-mabee 1960,,,,,,,

00052,Steve Titunik,,,,,,,,,,"I am sorry I haven't written sooner.  I did receive you first notice of a reunion last April 1.  Ira and I spoke of it and think it's terrific and sounds like great fun.  I hope that I will be able to attend.  In the meantime, I will stay in touch via E-Mail.  Thank g-d for E-Mail. Now there's no excuse to not stay in touch. Is Marty Katz coming? of the few names I remember.  Let's see what others...Terry Bachrach, Nancy Zekey, Adrianne Radding. Oh well.  Great job.  Let's stay in tou",,Waterfront,"Are you kidding...too many to mention, others better left for a more private discussion.",Nothin special just so long as Linda wears here Jean Nate.  I close my eyes and I am right in front of her.  ,,,,1962? - 1968?,,,,Public Affairs - VA Dept of Trans,,,

00051,Glenn Faust,,,,,,,,,,"Great memories, looking forward to seeing everyone with kids etc.","OL-1B, 2B, 3, 5, and Woodglen I think","waiter x 2, aide",too many to list here,cherry cream soda and a charleston chew,,,,1971-end,,,,Vascular Surgeon,,,

00050,Heidi (Krain) Cylinder,,,,,,,,,,Can't wait to come back for the reunion.  Those summers were my best.


(My email address doesn't fit in the field above),"Cabins 7,10,1",,all but especially waterskiing!!,anything chocolate!!,,,,1973-1975,,,,Marketing,,,

00049,Ralph H. Somershein aka Puru Das,,,,,,,,,,I was very surprised to find this web site. My daughter was

scanning our last name and came upon you.

,Overlook 2b

Overlook 4



,waiter aide ,A hard question to answer. I suppose some.,Too much sugar please. No more charleston chews.,,,,l962-1969,,,,Curator of The Bhaktivedanta Memorial ,,,

00048,Lewis Wolfson,,,,,,,,,,I am a sibling of one of your foremost alum.  Thought the webmaster might get a kick out of this also.  Coming to CA?  Look me up!,,,,,,,,,,,,Wine Tour Operator,,,

00047,George Morrison,,,,,,,,,,Hi! It's cousin George. We did not make it up that way this year hope to in 1999. Hi to all keep in touch,,,,,,,,,,,,Sales,,,

00045,Mike Solomon,,,,,,,,,,,,Counselor,"Great Group of Campers: Baron, Lee , Case, Pet, Greenberg...",Guitar Strings,,,,"1975, 1976",,,,Sound System Design & Engineering,,,



00042,Mark Bromson,,,,,,,,,,I owe my life to Camp Mar-Lin (see my parents' registry).,"OL-1A x 2, OL-1B x 2, OL-2B, OL-3, OL-5, Woodglen. (Cabin 9 once)","Camper, camper-waiter.  Would have been a counselor, but they sold the camp.",Tons.  Going to Friendly's for ice cream and riding in the back of the truck (try that now -- watch the lawyers run after the truck).  Jumping in the dunes.,"Sprite, and a frozen Charleston Chew.  We didn't know about healthy food in those days.",,,,1969-1975,,,,Orthopaedic Surgeon,,,

00041,Carol ,,,,,,,,,,,,Waterfront,,,,,,1973-1975,,,,,,,

00040,Burton & Carol Bromson,,,,,,,,,,"Met at Mar-Lin - married - three children (Debra, Mark and Jonathan) -  all were campers.",,Both general counselors,Plenty - see above,,,,,1949-51 and 1951-53,,,,Retired,,,

00039,Steve Lisbin,,,,,,,,,,I was blown away this morning as a fellow employee showed me a picture he found of me on your site. Brings back memories!,,,participated in ,,,,,1966,,,,Software Development Manager,,,

00038,Marty Katz,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1957-1968,,,,Attorney,,,

00037,Marcie Sigal Gallo,,,,,,,,,,,9 ???????,,All,Tab,,,,1974-197?,,,,Communications Assistant,,,

00036,Hal Mandel,,,,,,,,,,,"OL 1B,2A,4",,"Running away from camp with Norman Landman , hiding in the sand quarry outside camp and having the State police look for us all to get our counselor (Mel?) in trouble","Considering my mother was in charge of the canteen, anything I want ",,,,1960-1964?,,,,Attorney,,,

00035,margot michelman,,,,,,,,,,"my brother, eric i. michelman, esq, laguna nigel, calif.(1965-69?)was surfing and found the website;he sent me the address. please put me on your mailing list: 6729-B Boca Pines Trail, Boca Raton, Florida, 33433.  ph&fax: (561) 470-6116.",cabin 6- '63cabin 7- '64cabin 9- '65cabin 10-'66cabin 10-'67 (CIT),,"EVERYTHING:  THE SOUND OF MUSIC             FIDDLER on the ROOF             MY FAIR LADY             tanglewood, stratford, peterpaulandmary at yale             olympics (mvp) (capt)             steve and ira titunik             marilyn goldblatt         ",1/2 pint chocolate chip FRIENDLY icecream or meatball grinderdelivered door-to-cabin from an off-duty counselor after curfew!(SHHH!),,,,1963-67,,,,speech pathologist/Real Estate Broker,,,

00034,Steve Dresner,,,,,SteveDres@AOL.Com,,,,,I'm glad the memory of a great summer camp still lives-on...,Definately Overlook 2B and later 6,Didn't have one...but always wanted to be a waiter or water ski instructor for a day.,"Some of the best softball games of my life were played at Camp Mar-Lin. Also, having Charley and Ethel living 2 blocks from me growing-up as a kid.","Give me a Coke, a frozen Charleston Chew and a 10:30 bar.",,,,1975-78,,,, TV Sports Producer/NBC,,,

00033,Bill Wehner,,,,,,,,,,I appreciate y'all keeping in touch. I didn't think counselors qualified as Mar-Linites. It was a great three years. ,"Heck, I don't remember. Someone refresh my memory. 2B and 3 ring a bell.",Counselor.,The fellowship among the counselors and campers. The special events. The super sundaes at the Farm Shop. Playing guitar and singing for the masses. Playing softball and hoops.,What does this mean? Are you going to send me free almond joys and heath bars?,,,,Counselor 1973-1975,,,,Law Enforcement; Media Relations,,,

00032,Andra Klein Pollack,,,,,,,,,,Love to hear from everyone who knew me!,,,"Loads...panty raids, showers in the rain, Camp Plays",,,,,1969-72?,,,,"Mom, Banking, Teaching ",,,

00031,Dave Penzell,,,,,,,,,,"As a parent of two children and a husband to a wife who also attended an overnight camp, we hope that our kids have a good as time as we had at summer camp. Coming out of Mar-Lin my expectations are so high for such a quality program for my kids that I ma","An easier questions would be what bunks haven't I been in.  I've been in ALL of them, but slept in OL1B, 2A, 2B, 3, 4, Woodglen and 6.",Aide - Bunk and waterfront assignments,"My head is filled with too many to even mention.  However, can't forget making bag lunches as a waiter.  Working crew for the stage productions.  Sorting laundry and delivering it from the back of the old blue pickup truck with the rusted out floors.  And","We seem to be preoccupied with anything frozen including Charleston Chews, Junior Mints, flashlights, toothpaste and feminine hygiene products.",,,,1969-77,,,,V.P. - Advertising Firm,,,

00030,carla weissman schraub,,,,,campmom5@aol,,,,,"I live in Bethesda, Md. and once managed to hook up on the phone with Nancy Pindus. I also met Richie Halpern in New Haven. Camp Mar-Lin keeps coming up. It was great.",I think cabin 2 was my first year and a lot of others.,,Lots of good memories including once winning an ,,,,,1961-1965,,,,occupational therapist,,,

00029,Erica S. Bonime,,,,,,,,,,,"Cabin5, Cabin7, Cabin 10, and Cabin 1 for 2 summers",,,,,,,1969 -1973,,,,Printing Sales,,,

00028,Bruce S. Newman,,,,,,,,,,"Well, ya know, it would be trite to list what camp meant and still means for me. David Penzell is my best friend who came to Memphis and helped open Johnny Rockets. Ken Gruskin is designing my house, and Janet Schwadron is a client.  Get the point?enough?","OL1A through Woodglen, every farchachta(?) cabin there was.  ",I knew better than to work there,"As many of the boys have said, ","Frozen Charleston Chews, Fanta ",,,,1967-1975,,,,"CPAATTY/Johnny Rockets, etc",,,

00027,Sherri Klein,,,,,,,,,,"So hard to remember dates and cabin numbers.  Can't wait to see Kim and Ken Gruskin, Bobby Sherman, the Penzels, everyone.",Girls Cabin 6?,,"SO MANY.  How 'bout the day there was a bat alert, and the whole sky turned black with bats?How 'bout when the entire boy's campus raided the girls campus?",,,,,69-72?,,,,Public Relations,,,

00025,Ed Jentoft- alias peter pan,,,,,,,,,,"I just spent last Saturday with Charley, Ethel and Linda in West Palm Beach. We thought about tying Charley to a plow to slow him down. Ethel may become involved with a local theatre production. While I was with them it seemed liked just yesterday we were","the cabin just aft of the cafeteria, with the rest of the specialist delinquents",Aquatics dir waterski-scuba instr ,is this a G rated site? a regular panapoly of images come to mind,,,,,70-74,,,,Engineer-Gypsy,,,

00026,Shelley Wishny Alkin,,,,,,,,,,I look back on those days with great fondness. Life was simple and joyful and every day was filled with fun.  I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.,In whatever they called the Senior Girls bunk.  I was a camper and then a CIT.,Counselor's Aide  or Junior Counselor.,"Chuck wagon suppers, water skiing (I never could get up),going to Summer Stock and meeting John Raitt backstage, Friday night socials, and of course raiding the boys' bunks. ",Frozen Charleston Chew and potato chips,,,,1958-1963,,,,Academic Advising at Mercy College,,,

00024,Robin T. Goodman,,,,,,,,,,"What's to say, the best summers of my childhood.","Cabin 8, Cabin 10 (2x)",Harassing the staff,"Watching the astronauts land on the moon, the mud fight, concerts at Yale bowl, the Olympics, horsebackriding, making new friends, midnight raids, walking to Friendly's,I could go on but I'll stop now.  I still have my yearbooks.",Ice cream in the middle of a hot summer day.,,,,"1968, 1969, 1970",,,,"Consultant, Technical Writer",,,

00023,Claire Chase Sullivan,,,,,,,,,,Fond memories of Camp Mar-lin...Met great people...Would love to hear from old friends.,Cannot remember all of the bunks except for Cabin 10!!,,Learning to waterski..color war...going to Riverside park and sneaking a call to my family!!,Frozen Charleston Chew and Fanta grape soda!!,,,,1969-1975???????,,,,Travel Agent,,,

00022,Jeff Laxer,,,,,,,,,,Really miss those sing competions and olympics.,"2a,3,4,Blockhouse and Waitersquaters",camper and one year as a waiter.,"Lots of great feelings from days gone by.  Harlem Wizards, panty raids and the boys (Jeff Rainer, Chuckie Weiner, Barry W, Ken Ober)Waterskiing and growing up.  First kiss!!!Heidi Druskin",Zero bar and a coke 7oz.,,,,1969-1973,,,,Sales,,,

00021,Ken Picard,,,,,,,,,,,"Overlooks 5, 1A, 1B, 2A,4",semi-erect,"I have hundreds of good memories, far too numerous to write in this small window. ",Three Musketeers and a coke,,,,1971-75,,,,Freelance Writer,,,

00020,Lauren Price,,,,,,,,,,I just received the invitation to the 1999 reunion!  This is really a great idea,,camper,Lots of friends & fun.  Receiving my first kiss on the boathouse porch!,A bottle of Fresca and a Charleston Chew.,,,,"1976, 1977",,,,"Sales Development Mgr., PEOPLE Magazine",,,

00019,vicki gany knapp,,,,,,,,,,,Cabin 9Senior Cottage,CITAide,,Frozen charleston chew,,,,1958-1962,,,,Human Resources,,,

00018,Nancy Pindus,,,,,,,,,,"living in Bethesda, MD",,,,,,,,1960-1966,,,,policy research,,,

00016,Jeff Radding,,,,,,,,,,My wife searched on my last name to find my cousin and came up with a picture of me as a waiter in Woodglen!  Fabulous!,"OL1, OL2, OL3 and Wooglen I, (skipped Blockhouse year)","Waiter,Busboy","Jerri-Jo, Elka, Monk climbing the tree to get away from Herbie, Friday night dances, boathouse after hours,Sorry Charlie!  Swinging from the rope over the Farmington.Marty Katz teaching baseball. Too many to detail.  ","Frozen Charleston Chew, Coke in a GLASS bottle.",,,,1963-1967,,,,Research Scientist- Big Pharma,,,

00017,Amy Baren Portnoy,,,,,,,,,,,"C-4,8,10, also CIT,AC, Aide ",,Too many to list..,"Root Beer soda and a Butterfinger. Also, mail call",,,,1970-1976,,,,Mommy,,,

00015,Randy Stone Milch,,,,,,,,,,I'm so glad to finally be here!  ," Cabins 7,6,10,10, 9, Porch,5 and 1",  Counselor 1971  ,"Almost all of them..  Especially bus rides home from Tanglewood,i",TAB  and a frozen zero bar.  ,,,,1963--1971 year off 1970,,,,Counselor/Family Mediator,,,

00014,Stephen S. Chinitz,,,,,,,,,,Great idea to have a web.  I'd love to hear from anyone from our ,"OL 1-A, OL 1-B, OL2-B, OL 3, OL3(again), Blockhouse, OL 5, Woodglen I, Kitchen Quarters, Woodglen II","Waiter AC, Waiter Aide",All of them.,Too fat to qualify for canteen anymore!,,,,1962-1970,,,,Attorney,,,

00012,Lisa Gassner,,,,,Styx1234,,,,,"I would like to hear from anyone from 1970, 1972 especially former bunk-mates.",1970 Cabin 31972 Cabin 7,camper,"of course, learning to horse back ride and dive from the boardboyfriends",ice cream,,,,"1970, 1972",,,,Teacher,,,

00013,Brad Rainin,,,,,,,,,,,"Overlook 1B, 2A, 3,3,3 ",,"Flag Rush, Bus ride from Tanglewood, Olympics,

Roseanne Bernstein

",Frozen Zero Bar,,,,1959 - 1963,,,,,,,

00011,Ed Lieblick,,,,,,,,,,,Overlook 3WoodGlen 1 and 2,Waiter and Waiter AID,All of 'em.,frozen Charleston Chew and a Root Beer or Lime Popsicle,,,,1961-66,,,,Broadcasting,,,

00010,David B. Newman,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Lawyer,,,

00009,Jay Eisenberg,,,,,EisenJ @ AOL,,,,,Nice to see this and remember all about camp and the great people.,Overlooks and Wood Glen,"Camper, BUsboy, Waiter","Allan Lifton jumpoing off the back of the pick-up, Sing, Olympics, Trips to Amusement Parks, Canoe trips when we lost one canoe in the river.It's funny now - not then. making great friends and now seeing my kids love sleep away camp.  I wish it was at Mar","Updates on people, etc.",,,,1970-1975,,,,Real Estate Dev. Investments,,,

00008,Rich Klein,,,,,,,,,,"I miss milk and cookies, chuck wagon, and the easy going fun times that summers used to be.","Overlook 1A, 2A, 2B, 3, 4, WGI, WGII","Waiter, Waiter/AC, my growth at camp was stunted due to the excesses of youth and unforgiving ownership.","All, especially, the Rock and Joe's beach.","Orange Crush, Batteries, Polar Bar and postcards.",,,,1959-1967,,,,Attorney,,,

00007,Eileen Kent,,,,,,,,,,I would have gone longer but the year it was free I wasn't asked back!Too many raids!!,"cabin1,4,10,8",,"I was Maria in West Side Story, Tzeidel in Fiddler and a whole lot of others. I remember crossing off our boyfriends' names on the bathroom walls, rides home from Summer Stock, and the prom",Charleston Chews were always on my list,,,,1961-1965,,,,Teacher,,,

00005,Eddie "Aardvark" Shelasky ,,,,,LTEMKIN@AOL.COM,,,,,"Can't believe I just found this page!  Would love to hear from any fellow campers. Especially my first girlfriend ever, Harriot (can't remember last name-maybe I'll discover it here) and best friend Rafi.  I also remember all of my bunkmates pictured incl","Don't remember, but our ",,First kiss-Harriett.  Rollerskating-which I couldn't and being held up by Harriett.  Flag day.  Rafi and I getting into trouble.  Playing softball.  Dances.  Much more.,,,,,1964,,,,President Of Uniform Company,,,

00006,Kathy Stone Phillips,,,,,,,,,,,"Cabin 9  (2xs), Cabin 2, Cabin 8, Cabin 10 (2xs) Cabin 10 Porch (2xs)","Waitress, if that's considered staff!  I never did get to a real staff meeting. What did I miss?",LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,Fanta Orange and a pack of Tareyton.,,,,1963-1971,,,,Graphic Designer/Tennis Bum,,,

00004,Jeff Berger,,,,,,,,,,The best years of my life!!!,"Overlook 3-4   Blockhouse  Woodglen I  Woodglen II and visits to Cabin 10, and the Infirmary",Music Specialist (Jeff Music),"Gold Rush, Kisses on the bus from Tanglewood, Margaret Tavora, etc. etc.","Frozen milky way, coke",,,,1960-1969,,,,Importer,,,

00003,Bob Nystrom,,,,,,,,,,NOBODY can ever forget Camp Mar-Lin. I met the true loves of my life there.,"All of them, I eventually was a Unit Head","Counselor, Nature Specialist, Boy's Unit Head","Sing, Olympics, Charlies old Rambler, and starry nights...looking for escapee campers.",No,,,,??? I'm too old to remember,,,,Public Health,,,

00002,Len Zwelling,,,,,lzwelling@ovp-notes.mdacc.tmc,,,,,Who set this up?  Where is Don Schafetz or Jeff Bauer?,Blockhouse/waiter,"Waiter, is that staff?",Many-I actually went to my Senior Prom with a Camp-mate.,Not yet,,,,1962-1964,,,,Physician,,,

00001,Danny Berger,,,,,,,,,,,"OL 1B,   OL 2A,  OL 3,  OL2B,  OL3,  OL4,  WG 1,  WG II",SUPER SENIOR...NOT QUITE A STAFF POSITION--more like a staff infection!,NAH!!!,a frozen Zero Bar and a bottle of YooHoo,,,,1960-1967,Webmaster,,,

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