A Message from the Waiters' Shack


Last Will and Testament

Jeff Bauer we leave somebody lighter to sleep under
Paul Herzenberg
we leave Good Morning... Good Afternoon ... Good Evening and Good Night also, less competition from Bob Swedlow
Dale Mandel we leave something to be expected
Ricky Rainen we leave a dark rainy night, with the rain going Pat, Pat , Pat
Mal Ratner we leave a better position in the "Lonely Hearts Club"
Norm Roos we leave the girls in Camp Birkshire
Larry Schoenfeld we leave with two strikes
Don Schaefitz we leave a machete and ZEKE
Frank Small we leave a girl from Brooklyn
Lenny Zwelling we leave a diaper
Bruce Satenspeil we leave an 8:30 A.M. Reveille
Bob Hankin we leave an ace bandage and a broken roller skate.


To the boys of the






we leave a happy and healthy year


Waiters' Pledge

We pledge allegiance to our flag

of the coolest pad in camp.

And to our motto for which we stand

We hold Tommy's close to our hearts.

With broken plates and waiter's salutes,

We leave our motto to all.


He who loves

And runs away

Shall love again

Another day

Yours truly,

Wood Glen '63


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